Privacy Policy

The following terms declare how we record and use personal data during setup and operation of the Android app “Dictate + Connect”.

1. Subject

Dictate + Connect is a professional dictation app for Android. The app records spoken words (audio) from the user through the device’s microphone.

2. Reason for recording and processing personal data

Dictate + Connect only records audio on manual request of the user, and only to create a dictation audio recording file. No personal data is acquired, stored, or transmitted. Audio recordings are only saved locally on the device. Audio recordings may, on request of the user, be sent to user-configured sharing destinations. Dictations are not sent to JOTOMI or any other third party unless explicitly requested by the user. Dictate + Connect reads the IMEI of your device and uses it for license verification purposes on the Google Play Store servers. The IMEI is not used, stored, or transmitted for any other purpose.

3. Monitoring

JOTOMI’s management board is monitoring that Dictate + Connect complies with this privacy policy.

Last revised: September 28, 2017
Copyright 2017 JOTOMI GmbH, All rights reserved.