Dictations are invaluable. You need to be confident that your dictations from “Dictate + Connect” will reach the receiver and be processed. With “Connect”, you can keep your eye on all dictations. “Connect” shows the current status of your dictation at any time so that you always have control over dictations.

After sending a dictation to a receiver, “Dictate + Connect” displays “Propagate” in the status line. Whether the recipient has actually received and processed the dictation, cannot be concluded. What happens if the dictation for example, lands in the E-mail spam folder of the recipient or is accidentally modified or deleted? If the sender does not notice this or notices it too late, it may have fatal consequences. If the recipient confirms the input of the dictation via the “Connect” service, they will be informed by “Dictate + Connect” about it. Users will also be informed of changes to the status of the dictation viz. “In Progress”, “Completed” or “problem”, without delay. If “Dictate + Connect” is not active, you can request a push message.

While browsing through your dictation list, the status of dictations immediately indicates any discrepancies or problems and you can therefore immediately react to it. In addition, “Dictate + Connect” informs and documents all dictation processing steps from “Propagate” to “Done”.

In order to maintain control over dictations, start the app “Dictate + Connect” via Settings – “Connect”, for a free subscription. You then have an overview of the status of your henceforth forwarded dictations.

To activate the “Connect” service, open “Dictate + Connect”, go to the settings and select the “Connect” button below, to start a free subscription. Then follow the instruction steps there.

NB: “Connect” is currently only available in the iOS version.